Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Common Terms

These are list of frequently used abbreviations and terms in the Ohio workers’ compensation system. The Ohio BWC system can be confusing and complex and while having an attorney is not required, having an attorney guide you through this process is recommended. Attorney Wendy Lee is knowledgeable and experienced in handling Ohio workers’ compensation claims. If you have questions about your work injury claim, call today (216) 777-6580.


AWW / Average Weekly Wage

DHO / District Hearing Officer

DWRF / Disabled Workers’ Relief Fund

FWW /Full Weekly Wage

IC / Industrial Commission

IW / Injured worker

LM / Living Maintenance

MCO / Managed Care Organization

MMI / Maximum Medical Improvement


OD / Occupational Disease


PPD / Percentage of Permanent Partial Award

PTD / Permanent Total Disability

SHO / Staff Hearing Officer

TT / Temporary total

WWL / Working wage loss

If you were injured at work, or already have an established workers' compensation claim in Ohio, call attorney Wendy Lee of Trecaso Lee, LLC for a free consultation. Accepting clients located across Ohio.

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